Let’s go outdoors! Bring an ECOS Environmental Educator to your Site!

ECOS To-Go provides outdoor-based environmental education and discovery experiences to foster strong, competent, curious, environmentally conscious individuals throughout the region.

Program Objective: encouraging learners to observe, think, listen and communicate within natural science context, fostering a deeper connection to the natural world

Audience: 4th-12th grade children, scalable (see each lesson description) 

Duration: 1 hour active learning per lesson; can be amended slightly to accommodate school schedules

Location: ideally taught outdoors at your site; school, after-school, camp setting

Capacity: classes/groups of 25 students per session


Hooray for Pollinators


Start a School Garden

Creek Life

Your Trees


  • $150 one-program
  • $135 two, or more consecutive programs on the same day
  • Round trip mileage fee charged at current Federal reimbursement rates to and from 2682 Aqueduct Road, Niskayuna, NY 12309
  • Payment is due

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