ECOS Mission

Our mission is to provide environmental information and educational opportunities that enhance appreciation of the natural world; build a community that is aware and knowledgeable about environmental issues; and advocate informed action to preserve our natural resources.

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Subscribe to ECOS E-NEWS via the sign-up form to the right. Please choose an email group (Coyotes, Beavers, or Hawks) based on how often you want to hear news and program updates.  All program updates will also be posted in our ECOS online calendar. Sign up for the Beaver or Hawk group if you would like to receive these program updates via email. You can change your subscription frequency at any time by unsubscribing and signing up to a new group.  We are confident that you will want to be a Hawk soon and be soaring with our “Get Outside with ECOS!” campaign. 

  • Coyotes– up to once a month (when we really have something to howl about)
  • Beavers– up to once a week (for industrious folks wanting to get out in the woods and on the water with us)
  • Hawks– up-to-date program additions/changes (for those soaring in the sky looking for the latest changes based on weather/trail/water conditions)

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