As a newer member to ECOS, I am becoming more aware of personal changes I can make to limit the amount of plastic that goes into the landfill, or worse, litters the landscape and our waterways. For this reason I am self pledging to “SkipaStraw” Day on Feb. 24th, and forever. If I go into a restaurant,  or pub, I will say “No straw, please”. Although I like using straws, I don’t want to continue to use single use plastic. I can also go to the website Green Restaurants Assoc. and find out which restaurants are following eco-friendly practices already.

ECOS is sponsoring some events to get the message out about #SkipaStraw#. On Thurs. Feb.15th at 12:15, people are gathering to make buttons with the message to #SkipaStraw#. Button making will also take place on Feb. 16th from 9:30 – 2:30  at ECOS headquarters in Niskayuna, NY.  These activities are free and open to the public. For more info on these events contact

Although I won’t be available to help with the button making, I would like to hear from everyone about how they are decreasing the use of single use plastic. My next ,goal is to wash and reuse all plastic bags and  water bottles. I found a great drying rack on Amazon  that will help me set up a drying area in the kitchen. What else can I do to limit my use of single use plastics?  Please comment on this blog post.