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Past Events Organized by ECOS and others

Below please find information about past environmentally-focused events. You can find information about upcoming events here. For the ECOS Calendar, click here.

Outdoor Digital Photography Course | Corning Bioreserve Summer 2014

Both the theory of digital photography as well as field exercises to put the theories into practice will be the topic of this seminar. Participants will learn techniques for improving the technical aspects as well as the aesthetic composition of their photos. Since...

Observing Nature through Art | Corning Bioreserve Summer 2014

Surrounded by the natural environment, participants will become immersed with the environment by developing their observational skills, and then learn to communicate their observations by utilizing pencil and/or charcoal media and various techniques into drawings. ...

Corning Bioreserve Tree Discovery Walk | Summer 2014

The Tree Discovery Walk is an intro to guided tree identification using dendrological field methods where participants will learn how to identify common trees using field guides and dichotomous keys. We will also discuss the ecological, social and economic importance...