From the President’s desk . . .

ECOS continues to function and operate without a paid Executive Director as we rely on Board members and other volunteers to help with our regular activities. Our budget is balanced, our bills are paid and we have plans to be involved with the community.

In October Darwin Roosa led a hike in the Bozen Kill Preserve as part of our Seven Preserve Challenge. We also did our annual trail maintenance at Featherstonaugh State Forest, and had a well-attended event at the Kelly Adirondack Center on spotting invasive species.

In November the Program committee offered an evening out at Schenectady’s Improvisation Theater, MOPCO. The performers worked some environmental themes into what was a spontaneous performance, and allowed ECOS to be introduced to their regular audience. If you should go there and fill out their audience questionnaire card, please be sure to mention ECOS as one the ways you heard about them. This fall the ECOS Board accepted an offer from Clarkson University students to do a study of our organization. Four students, attending school through a distance-learning program, offered suggestions for our management. Their work has just been completed and I will report on their conclusions in our next newsletter.

Mike Howard, a resident of Schenectady, was appointed to the ECOS Board at our Novembermeeting. He recently retired after a 40 year career with the Golub Corporation. Mike earned his BA in Accounting at Siena in 1977 and retired as VP of Budgeting for Price Chopper supermarkets.

The Board is considering the idea of moving all membership renewal dates to the month of April. We want the routine renewal process to occur primarily in one month, rather than every month of the year. The Board feels that in the long run this would be more efficient and practical. It will be a confusing transition for some and we are prepared to work with anyone with specific concerns. We would build renewal around Earth Day, which is a natural reminder for most of us why we support ECOS. There may be some grace period allowed for the transition and we expect the administrative details to be extra work during the next year. More details will be announced in future newsletters if we do decide to make this change. I am hoping the annual renewal process would be a better focus to attract new members as well.

As always, I ask that you help us make ECOS grow by sharing this message with friends.

—William Seyse, President

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